A Song For A Sunday.

Dear Hate.

Lyrics: American singer and songwriters Maren Morris, Tom Douglas, and David Hodges (Published 2015),
Vocals: Maren Morris, featuring American country, bluegrass, and rock singer, songwriter, and musician Vince Gill.

Dear Hate.

Dear Hate,
I saw you on the news today,
Like a shock that takes my breath away,
You fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain,
I’m afraid there we just might drown.

Dear Hate,
Well, you sure are colour-blind.
Your kiss is the cruellest kind,
You could poison any mind,
Just look at mine,
Don’t know how this world keeps spinning around and around.

You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass,
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass,
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls,
But I hate to tell you, love’s gonna conquer us all.

Dear Hate,
You were smiling from that Selma bridge,
In Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried,
You pulled those towers from the sky,
But even on our darkest nights,
The world keeps spinning around.

Repeat Chorus.

Dear Love,
Just when I think you have given up,
You were there in the garden when I ran from your voice,
I hear you every morning through the chaos and the noise,
You still whisper down through history and echo through these halls,
Then tell me, love’s gonna conquer us all.
Gonna conquer all.



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