Driving Licence Exemption For Over 70’s During Covid-19.

Ms Hildegarde Naughton TD

The Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Ms Hildegarde Naughton, (FG Teachta Dála for the Galway West constituency since 2016), has announced an extension in the exemption that allows for those aged over 70 years old, to apply for a driving licence, without the need to provide a medical report.

Her decision comes following the current surge of Covid-19 cases and in order to ease the burden on Irish medical services.

This decision means that persons of 70 years of age, or over, can apply for to renew their current driving licence without the need to submit a medical report. Same is based on the condition that they do not have an identified or specified illness and are not applying for a licence to drive a truck or a passenger carrier, e.g. a bus or similar category.

This measure will now eliminate the need for drivers over the age of 70 years from having to make an unnecessary journey to their local GP or congregate at their National Driver Licence Service centre.

Those over 70 years old, can view the 4b category on their current driving licence, to check the licence expiry date.


2 comments to Driving Licence Exemption For Over 70’s During Covid-19.

  • Katie

    Great for the elderly. Here seniors in Queensland have to have an eye test before renewing there licence every year. But now on the UK Mail on line. They are saying ‘Ireland has the highest coronavirus infection rate in the world with 10,100 confirmed cases per million people in the past week. I do hope that is not the case George. We are watching this very careful. Worrying about our family and of course all of Ireland. Please take care and you will be in our prayers.

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Katie,
    Sadly this is the case presently. But we are coping and the high numbers of infections are showing signs of decreasing.
    Difficult times. Stay safe.

    Happy New Year.

    Best Regards
    George Willoughby

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