Bugs Are Getting Fried On Thurles Windscreens

It is estimated that 200 million cars being driven in America, with each vehicle driven an average of 20116.8 kilometres (12,500 miles) each year. The entire nation therefore travels approximately 2.5 trillion miles annually, and will kill off an estimated 32.5 trillion insects in this travelling process.

Here in North Co. Tipperary Ireland, cars, particularly those black in colour, don’t have to travel at all, to kill our insect life. Due to unprecedented sunshine raising our heat levels, (averaging between 27° and 30°), millions of insects. who choose to land on black car windscreens, are being tricked into committing suicide.

Dark colours absorb heat, most especially that from the sun’s rays; while light colours reflect about 60% of this same sunlight. Less than 10 years ago the state of California in the USA, actually considered banning the sale of new black cars.  Had this rule been introduced, same would have translated to a 2% decrease in fuel economy savings, due to a related decrease in air conditioner use, thus in turn further reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.9%.

So far as I am aware the forced mass suicide of insects was not considered; however here at home, do check your car windscreens to avoid your car’s fan system sucking these dried, fried insect into your vehicle.


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