B O I To Close Service Centre In Tipperary

The Bank Of Ireland have announced that 28 service centres will close across four locations in Ireland, resulting in the loss of some 200 jobs expected overall.

These centres, understood to presently give employment to 419 people involved in administration and support services, are due to close their shutters by the end of this year.

Locations affected will include Co. Tipperary, with these jobs being centralised as part of the B O I’s restructuring efforts. Affected staff are expected to be able to apply for new roles within the company or to involve themselves in the acquiring of early retirement options.

Branch networks remain unaffected by this latest announcement.


1 comment to B O I To Close Service Centre In Tipperary

  • Vincent Barber

    What a change. The policy was always look after the customer he/she is most important. Now the policy seems to be don’t get involved in helping a customer it will cause us problems. So now they don’t need problem solvers or a complaints dept as there is no one in branches to listen to them.

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