Tipperary Irish Water Customers Affected By Kerosene Spillage

An estimated several thousand people are without a safe supply of drinking water here in Co. Tipperary since yesterday, due to a major kerosene spillage.

As a result, following consultations between the Health Service Executive (HSE), Irish Water and Tipperary County Council, a “Do Not Drink” notice has been issued for Fethard and its environs; same to come into immediate effect for the householders in this affected area.

This contamination of Hydrocarbon was only detected yesterday morning, with the spillage having occurred during Storm Emma. Irish Water now warn its customers that boiling this water does not make it safe for human consumption.

To protect the health of consumers, the HSE are advising that Kerosene is generally detected by smell and/or by taste, before it reaches a level which might seriously affect human health.

The source of the contamination we now understand has been identified and containment and clean-up measures have been put in place.

The Do Not Drink notice will apply to all consumers supplied by the Fethard Public Water Supply and under no circumstances it be used for drinking.


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