Bus Shelter Being Sought For Two-Mile-Borris

Local Littleton / Two-Mile-Borris Correspondent Mr Gerry Bowe Report:

With so much inclement weather having being experienced in recent months; waiting for buses in the village of Two-Mile-Borris has become somewhat of a major ordeal for computers of all ages.

Some twenty-five schoolchildren are presently forced to congregate in the open twice daily to use school transport. On Friday’s some fifteen adults, including many old age pensioners must wait for rural transport in similar circumstances, with a minimum of six people on other week days.

The rural transport service is provided by Kavanagh’s of Urlingford, whose facility is greatly appreciated, especially by those with no other available means of transport. The Kavanagh service include stops in Urlingford, following a route to Clonmel, operating a twice daily service.

School transport, also greatly appreciated, conveying students in particular to schools in Thurles is presently being provided by Jerry Ryan Coaches in Thurles. Under the present scenario pupils find themselves often sitting through the day, in wet clothing, due to a lack of basic shelter.

Sites available and indeed suitable for the erection of a bus shelter, have now been identified in Two-Mile-Borris village.

It is now hoped that with the support of local Councillors and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (T.I.I), swift action will be taken to advance an obvious solution with regard to this ongoing issue.


4 comments to Bus Shelter Being Sought For Two-Mile-Borris

  • Vincent Barber

    Let me know in 12 months time if it was provided.

  • George Willoughby

    Next year is Local Election Year Vincent. We will get yet another chance to employ a councillor and offer him our money in the full and indisputable knowledge that he will be totally powerless to even get a pothole filled. They don’t even provide us with comedy any more.

  • Katie

    AH: George you do. Which we here the X-Pats on this side of the world appreciate so much. Got a new couple joining this week. They have moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney and they originated from Waterford. How about that George.

  • Chris C

    A Bus Éireann Bus Stop sign from circa 1990 is still there in the village of TMB even though CIE stopped serving the village in the mid 1990s. Shelters come under the remit of TFI/NTA who only provide shelters to PSO routes. Bernard Kavanagh services (excl Thurles to Ballingary) are commercial. We still haven’t got the promised RTPI signs in Thurles train station so there’s no hope for Two-Mile-Borris/Littleton getting a bus shelter.

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