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Thurles Stuffed Olives Incident Explained

The Arch Bar, Liberty Square in Thurles had barely opened its doors, when Mikey Ryan entered its welcoming portals.

Without so much as a ‘good morning’ or a ‘how are you’, Mikey demanded ” A large Martini.”

The Martini now presented; before consuming it, Mikey removed the accompanying ‘Pimiento Pepper Stuffed Olive’ from his drink, before carefully lodging it into a small glass jar, which he had removed from his inside pocket.

Two minutes later Mikey ordered another Martini and proceeded to carry out the same procedure; removing the olive from his drink to the small glass jar in his inside pocket.

After about an hour, now full of Martini’s, and with the glass jar tightly packed full of stuffed olives, Mikey retreated from the licensed premises.

“Well”, said an American tourist, who had been carefully watching Mikey, “Sure I never saw anything as peculiar as that!”

“So what’s so peculiar about it”, replied the barman, “Sure didn’t his wife send him out to get a jar of stuffed olives.”


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