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Lithuanian Male Jailed For Tipperary Burglary

Circuit Court Judge Mr Tom O’Donnell commended Gardaí, led by Cork Detective Inspector Joe Moore; Detective Garda Michael Brosnan, and Detective Garda Ailish Murphy, yesterday, for their exceptional investigative skills; used to track down a gang of thieves over a two-year period.

The statement was made during a case heard at Limerick Circuit Court where an Eastern European gang member, was being jailed for five and a half years, for his involvement in numerous burglaries.

The court had previously heard that the man, who was of Lithuanian origin; named as Mr Aurimas Petraska had used cars, loaded with concrete blocks, as battering rams to smash into retail stores fronts, across Munster and the mid-west region, stealing expensive women’s clothing and perfumes. Amongst the premises raided and ransacked were O’Briens Pharmacy, Cahir, in Co. Tipperary, where €20,000 worth of ‘CHANEL’ products were stolen.

Mr Petraska is believed to have been a leading operative in an Eastern European gang, of which other members are presently being pursued by international police e.g. Interpol and Europol and which now also involves Gardaí, the court was told.

Mr Petraska refused to disclose to Gardaí the identify of his boss and other associates, however he admitted that he was paid between €2,000 to €3,000 for his involvement in each of the burglaries.


2 comments to Lithuanian Male Jailed For Tipperary Burglary

  • Michael

    Get him out of Ireland, we can not afford to pay for him in jail.

  • Katie.

    Michael. How right you are. But if Ireland goes down the path with letting in unwanted migrants. God help us but Ireland will become a heaven for this type of disgusting behaviour. Look what they found in Waterford. George is it true that you do not need a passport to go on the ferry to Ireland. I could not believe that when an Irish couple just back from there told us. If its true that is a huge way of letting into Ireland all the criminals on earth. By the way George have you heard from Eileen Leen lately. I have not. Hope she is ok.

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