Counterfeit New Style €50 Notes Now In Circulation

Gardaí in the mid-west region state they have become aware of a number of counterfeit new style €50 notes, latter which have now been entered into circulation from earlier this month.

A Garda warning states that, “Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station have been made aware of a number of counterfeit €50 notes being used in Limerick and surrounding areas. These new style notes came into circulation recently.”

Gardaí further state “We would like to remind people to make sure to carry out essential security checks on Euro notes. Obvious security features should be identified before accepting notes, these include;  Checking for the watermark,  Security thread,  Hologram Patch and Raised Print. The value numeral on the old style €50 note will also change colour from purple to olive green or brown when tilted if the note is genuine.”

Gardaí invite people to take “a few seconds to feel, examine and tilt Euro notes”, thus preventing fraudsters from passing off these counterfeit notes as the genuine article.

Regular readers will recall we at Thurles.Info spoke about this recently. For those of you who missed that particular post, please click HERE.


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