Services For People Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

deafhearAlona Troy, Community Resource Officer reports:

The next clinic which offers services for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing will be held on Monday 5th September 2016 next, from 10:00am to 1:00pm in St Mary’s Health Centre, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

This is a free service where you can acquire information regarding hearing loss; guidelines for good communication and information on available equipment for your home, which will help you to hear your doorbell, phone, smoke alarm and television.

They also provide information on Irish Sign Language, Tinnitus and Lip-reading; so do come in and have a chat, with no need for an appointment.

HSE hearing aid tubing can be changed and batteries for all hearing aids can be purchased for €2 for a pack of 6. Family members and local agencies are also welcome to seek advice.

Note: They do not service, fit or issue hearing aids at this clinic.


2 comments to Services For People Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

  • Katie.

    George. This is a great service. Would love to know what Ireland charge for hearing aids. John just had his hearing done and the cost of hearing aids here in Australia can be anything between $3.500 and $20.000. Of course if the lower priced ones don’t suit. One has to pay the much higher price like John. Of course George I said to John if you want to save money, I can always keep shouting at you. ‘Irish Humour” Ha.

  • Michael

    Very good. Free services are very scarce.

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