Tipperary CSO Live Register Figures Remain Dismal

The recent CSO Live Register Figures published for Co. Tipperary in recent days continue to remain dismal reading. See the figures shown hereunder or check for yourselves, using search criteria All Ages, Both Sexes, Welfare Office.


The 652 pre General Election 2016 jobs announced between July and September of last year (2015) for South Tipperary e.g. 200 new jobs for Clonmel at Eishtec, announced in September 2015; 300 new jobs in Cashel at US generic drugs giant Amneal Pharmaceuticals announced in August 2015; and 152 jobs at ABP Food Group in Cahir announced in July 2015, have so far failed to materialise. Instead South Tipperary this month records an increase of a further 22 persons on their Live Register; when comparing months January 2016 against figures recorded on the 31st of December 2015.

North Co. Tipperary this month appears to have fared slightly better with a decrease of 48 persons registered. Some 700 jobs promised for North Tipperary some three weeks ago just before this month’s General Election will not materialise however before March 2017 in respect of 300 jobs; with the other 400 jobs not expected to materialize until 2019.

In the case of the latter 700 promised jobs, at least 30% – 40% of these employees are expected to be skilled transient workers, brought to the North Tipperary area because of their particular skills within their already existing employment in firms; Siga Hydro, Roadbridge, Sisk, Strabag Group, Andritz Hydro and US multi-national First Data.

Unemployment in Tipperary is now running roughly 2.9% above the national figure of 8.6% unemployment; latter being claimed as “A Recovery” by the present outgoing Fine Gael & Labour government.


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