Thurles Highlights World Homelessness Day

HomelessSat. Oct 10th is World Homelessness Day.

The number of families now homeless has risen across Ireland by 76% since the start of 2015; well that is according to new figures released by the Department of the Environment.

More than half of all homeless families are living in single room hotel accommodation in our capital city Dublin. Just over 400 families were homeless in Ireland at the start of 2015, but by the end of August that figure has increased to just over 700, representing an increase of 76% in just eight months.

Today, to our shame, some 1,500 children are now homeless, representing a 73% rise since January of 2015. These rising figures are, to say the least disturbing, particularly in a country which sets out a general guarantee to protect the fundamental personal rights of children under Article 41 of its Constitution. [To protection by the State of the family to which it (the child) belongs.]

To this end “Thurles Sleepout for Homelessness” have sent us this report

In Thurles we are using this opportunity to highlight and raise awareness about the increasing homelessness issue. It is a global phenomenon; not just in cities – it is happening here on our doorsteps.

We are all only a few steps away from homelessness. You may not agree with this statement but the statistics show that every section of society (young, old, male, female, educated, uneducated, regardless of physical or mental health, employed or not) are widely represented amongst the homeless.

So we’d like to invite all people across Tipperary to join us, on Saturday evening to show up in solidarity, especially those who are affected by the housing crisis or are actually homeless.  Whatever your issue is; be it substandard accommodation, negative equity, landlords selling property, involuntarily living with friends or relatives or actually sleeping rough: please come down to the paved area in front of the Ursuline Primary School on Liberty Square, Thurles starting at 8:00pm.

We have a line-up of speakers and musicians (TBC) to entertain and inform anyone who comes down of how and why homelessness can happen and what supports and services are available locally.  We are also inviting our elected officials to pledge to join for a minimum of 3 hours on the night. This will be a great opportunity for them to really engage with people affected in our community. As part of the evening’s events we will be holding a minutes silence and a candlelit vigil for those who are experiencing housing issues and also for those who have died as a result.

We are looking forward to our Councillors, TDs, Senators, election hopefuls and even appointed Minister joining us on the night. If you happen to be out of the county on the evening, you can still support us by sending messages to our specially set up Community Facebook Page.

Word of Warning: Make sure you wear warm clothing – don’t forget the hats, gloves and scarves, perhaps rain gear and an umbrella also, (but hopefully, DV, they won’t need to be used).


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  • Katie.

    George. If that’s not community spirit. I don’t know what is. Hope you get a good turn out for such a worthy cause.

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