Uisce Éireann Now No Democratic Legitimacy

waterReports indicate that Irish Water will admit today that they have only managed to collect 43% of Irish households billed for water.

The total amount of revenues understood to have been collected by Uisce Éireann (Irish Water) was a mere €30m or just 46% of all revenue due, following the issuing of Ireland’s first quarterly water bills.

The outright defiance of the Irish electorate should now be seen as a grave embarrassment by the present Fine Gael/ Labour coalition government, latter who have continuously denounced and derided all who resisted the introduction of this grossly unfair charge which was first coerced into existence by an inept former Fine Gael TD Mr Phil Hogan.

Despite the forecast by Tipperary TD and Environment Minister Mr Alan Kelly on RTE on “Saturday Night with Miriam”; his quote “The figures when revealed might surprise some people”;  these figures today in fact will indicate to the contrary, thus confirming the strong belief that water charges / water taxes have now no democratic credibility or legitimacy.

The majority of Irish people are not just opposed to the privatization of Irish water as a commodity, but by our citizens refusal to pay, the Irish populace have placed massive pressure on the current government to abolish both water charges and the unmitigated debacle that currently is Ireland’s newest water utility company, namely Uisce Éireann.


1 comment to Uisce Éireann Now No Democratic Legitimacy

  • Chris

    Careful now or Denis O’Brien’s rags (indo/sindo) and Rté will accuse us all in Thurles of being members of the Real IRA

    Not paying 😀

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