Fine Gael Doners Brother On Board Of Irish Water.

waterPer yesterdays Irish Times (29th Oct 2014) the brother of a Fine Gael financial donor was appointed to the board of Irish Water. Mr Andrew Sheehy is recorded as having given €1,000 to M/s Lucinda Creighton, when she was then contesting a Dáil seat for Fine Gael. Ms Creighton is reported to have stated that Mr Sheehy “made a donation to my campaign in 2007, but I don’t really know the guy.”

Mr Andrew Sheehy is recorded under Standards in Public Office (SIPO) records as having donated €1,000 to Ms Lucinda Creighton in 2007, when she then contested and eventually won a Dáil seat in the constituency of Dublin South East. Mr Sheehy’s  SIPO declaration lists his address as Cashel, Co Tipperary.

According to the Irish Times, Mr Andrew Sheehy’s brother is listed as Colman Francis Sheehy in the Companies Registration Office (CRO) under records held on behalf of Irish Water. Information supplied on the Irish Water website shows Mr Coleman Sheehy named as one of the board members and confirms he is “involved in property investment and development.” Mr Sheehy’s appointment was approved by the then ministers Phil Hogan and Pat Rabbitte in November 2013.

Only two members of Irish Water’s board applied for their positions through a public recruitment process, according to records released by the Department of the Environment. None of the remaining board members, who are each entitled to an annual fee of €15,000, went through the same process and each was hand-picked by Ervia, latter new name for former Bord Gais.

In CRO documents confirming his directorship of Irish Water, Mr Sheehy’s current occupation is listed as; Property Consultant and director of Melot Properties Limited. His brother Mr Andrew Sheehy is also listed as another director of Melot Properties Ltd..

Mr Andrew Sheehy is known to socialise in Fine Gael circles, and is understood to be an associate of Mr Frank Quilter, a well-known national figure in the Fine Gael party.  Co Kerry native Mr Frank Quilter is also among a number of ten donors listed as having donated €1,000 each to Ms Creighton campaign in 2007.


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