Tipperary Author Sean Hogan To Visit Borrisoleigh Historical Society

HistorySeán Hogan, a native of Puckane in North Tipperary and the author of best-selling book “The Black and Tans in North Tipperary, Policing, Revolution and War 1913 – 1922,” will be the guest speaker at the Borrisoleigh Historical Society’s second lecture of this season to be held on Tuesday night next, December 10th, 2013, in the Community Centre at

Seán Hogan’s book looks at the years 1913 to 1922 and examines in detail how County Tipperary went from being one of the least crime hit police districts, to being one of the bloodiest and most terrifying areas in which to reside.

Hogan’s lecture is expected to recount the events surrounding local ambushes and armed engagements, the struggle for political power at council level and indeed within the IRA membership itself, as well as giving detailed background on those in the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) and Crown Forces who were murdered.

Seán will also attempt to examine the murders and other atrocities carried out against civilians during this period – carried out by both the IRA and the Black and Tans.

Admission to this event costs €5.00 and is a must for students of Irish history and lovers of factual Tipperary History in particular.


6 comments to Tipperary Author Sean Hogan To Visit Borrisoleigh Historical Society

  • Yvonne Lawrence

    I am a native of Grangemockler, Carrick-on-Suir with what I believe might or may be a strong history in my family of being involved with the fight for Irish freedom in the past that is in the early 1900’s. I was never told much about my family history and would be grateful if you could help me learn more. Yvonne Lawrence

  • George Willoughby

    Lots of questions need to be answered. What is your family name or the name of the person you suspect of being involved with the fight for Irish freedom and where did he/she reside between 1915 and 1922? You may contact me privately via my email address which I have already forwarded.

  • Katie

    George. A different request. Have you or Michael every heard of the ‘Shamrock Boys’ From Germany. Apparently they were brought to Ireland after the war ended in 1945. George I am not sure if this information is correct. After all Ireland at that time was taken children from there Mothers and placing them in Industrial schools. All over Ireland. So any information you might know will be greatly received. George the above about Irish Freedom is interesting.

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Katie,
    Yes, Kathleen Farrell, president of Save the German Children Society, Treasurer Dan Breen and German secretary and convicted spy Hermann Görtz led the operation initially. Following England’s refusal to co-operate with the SGCS, same was taken over by the Irish Red Cross, which eventually saw, in 1946, 88 Catholic and Protestant children from the Ruhr area of Westphalia being brought to Ireland for 3 years. The Red Cross then liaised with the SGCS to place these children into the homes which had been located by the SGCS. We expect to write about this in the near future.

  • Katie

    Thank you George for information, look forward to reading about this in the near future. It certainly is very interesting and will be a great conversation piece at our meeting.

  • Edward Bourke

    There is mention in Sean Hogan’s book that 22 spies were shot in Tipperary by the IRA during the War of Independence. Is there a comprehensive List. Depending on how they are categorized by including army intelligence men, deserters and civilians I have named 26 in “Murder by the Throat” to include all types.
    There is also mention that two men shot had standard watches issued to intelligence agents from London (Basil Thompson trained agents) as well as spying equipment (probably invisible ink and London mailing addresses)

    In “Murder by the Throat” I have included the names of 200 alleged enemy agents in Tipp as reported by the battalions at the time of the Truce. I have also proposed names for Chalk and Granite the 1916 spies who reported to the Dublin Metropolitan police G division, as well as the three Commandants who gave information according to Ormond Winter the head of the British Secret Service.

    There is a suspicion that IRA men were secretly executed for desertion or giving information.

    Is there any further information on this espionage aspect of the War of Independence in Tipp, especially names of those executed?. I would appreciate any information.

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