Public Discussion On School Class Size

schoolA public meeting will take place on Monday, September 23rd, next on the issue of class size in our schools. The venue for this event will be the Anner Hotel, Thurles beginning sharp at 8:00p.m.

While all North Tipperary TD’s, Local and County Councillors have been invited to attend, a large crowd of concerned parents and teachers are also expected to be in attendance.

Ireland, with the exception of the United Kingdom, has now the highest class sizes in the European Union and it is hoped that this meeting will highlight the increasing frustration by parents, in attempts by the current government to place the burden of this recession squarely on the shoulders of students.

Parents are only too well aware that smaller classes are vital if the needs of all pupils are to be addressed and if the optimal conditions for quality learning are to be achieved.

All parents, teachers and community representatives are therefore urged to attend in large numbers and make their voices heard at this very important public meeting.


2 comments to Public Discussion On School Class Size

  • Joseph

    Another whinge by the Teachers. Nothing to do with the parents or pupils.

  • George Willoughby

    We are not stupid, of course its about teachers Joseph, however I am for hearing these teachers out on this one, before I deem them, to use your words, “whingers.”
    Maybe the cuts to come are not going to have a major impact, but we the electorate have to preserve and ensure the quality of our education. When the quality of Irish education is under threat, it has EVERYTHING to do with parents and pupils. Latter are the ones whose futures will really suffer.
    Future education will play a major role in getting us out of this recession, and as a parent, I cannot dispute that my children would have received more attention with a smaller class size than a class of over 30.
    I for one would be inclined to listen to the professionals on the ground presently, rather than Ruairí Quinn, T.D. and his “handlers” latter currently being pressurised by a dysfunctional and wasteful department of finance.

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