New Broadcasting Charge Due In Value For Money Report

Rte.ieNews of further possible taxation as Labour Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte states that everyone will now have to pay a new ‘Broadcasting Charge,’ latter which will replace the annual TV Licence. This charge will be made, regardless of whether or not you actually own a Television Set.

The Minister has informed the Dáil that he is due to receive a ‘Value For Money Report,’ (Probably the first one in the history of the Irish State.) recommending the best way to implement this new Broadcasting Charge. Same report is expected to be ready by the end of March.

The new charge will take account of the fact that people, who may not own actual TV receiving equipment, just maybe viewing TV programme content on mobile devices such as Smart phones, Tablets or Laptops. Let’s therefore call this new tax for what it really is, “The Technology Tax.”

Like Water Charges, Household Charges, Septic Tank Charges & Property Tax, Labour Minister Pat Rabbitte believes that his new Broadcasting Charge or Technology Tax should be implemented on every home in the country regardless, since access to programme content is not dependent on the ownership of just a Television Set.

Minister Rabbitte stated, “Everybody benefits from the availability of these services, regardless of how content is accessed or relayed to the public, and therefore it is my view that the cost should be borne by society as a whole.”

Are we, the taxpayer, to now pay for the compensation correctly paid to Fr Kevin Reynolds, latter seriously libelled and defamed by false allegations in ‘Mission to Prey,’ by an over paid RTÉ gutter press, who seriously believe they are entitled to the same pay as professional footballers?

Can we expect RTÉ cameras ‘to roll,’ shortly in an effort to depict why the world should now visit our ‘green red-necked abode,’ during this year’s “The Gathering 2013,” instead of being recommended, in repeat programmes, to take Airboat Rides in Orlando’s Florida Everglades?

Can our children perhaps expect to view some educational children’s programmes, during and around the time we air “Judge Judy,” perhaps in the not too distant future?

TV Licences do not exist, at all, in Australia, so surely if we, The Taxpayer, must fund RTÉ salaries & programming, then we should also have some small control over its current programming content or must we continue to seek out foreign channels that actually do entertain?


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  • Chris

    Next they will be charging us for air. I think it’s time we stood up and said ENOUGH. If enough of people stopped paying their TV licenses he would certainly back down. I myself don’t buy the TV license in this house but if I did I wouldn’t want one cent of it going to Rté. I would have no problem paying for TG4. I think we should have a choice to what our money is spent on.

  • Chris “The Technology Tax” is what annoys me. We are to be taxed on mobile phones, laptops, pc’s, & tablets plus of course our TV sets, while The Late Late Show is being use to promote the celebrity classes & Dublin ‘buddies’ associated with RTÉ.
    The whole programming output is Dublin orientated: Capital D, Tallafornia, Xposé & Operation Transformation. All our National TV stations (except TG4) are either buying programming or the programming rights to that which is already available on non Irish stations.
    Australia & America must be laughing themselves sick. What station in its right mind would buy “Nothing to Declare” (Customs & Immigrations officials operating in Australia) Surely Australia gave them this programme for nothing.
    I refrain from discussion on the fact that out of work pensionable politician like Nora Owen etc. are now retiring into this broadcasting arena. What is our TV licence money being used for? Public debate is much needed.

  • Michael

    All I can say is , “Thank God I’m as old as the hills and I’ll be gone when it blows up.” The more one puts the country in a deep hole, the bigger pensions they get.


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