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North Tipperary Christmas Tree Recycling Points

xmastreesLittle Christmas (Irish: Nollaig Bheag) or Women’s Christmas (Irish: Nollaig na mBan) or the Feast of the Epiphany, is one of the traditional names in Ireland for January 6th each year.

Jan 6th is called Women’s Christmas because in some counties, here in Ireland, Irish men undertake to relieve their women folk of all household duties for that day. (Thank God this custom has not spread yet to Tipperary, so keep your head down and keep this knowledge to yourself.)

January 6th each year is the traditional end of the Christmas season, when decorations are taken down and packed away to the attic.

With this thought remember that your Christmas tree can be composted now that you are finished with same. Here in North Tipperary, all real Christmas trees suitable for recycling will be composted by North Tipperary County Council, free of charge, during the coming weeks.

Owners of Christmas trees are requested to take same to the following drop off points over the coming days.

  • The Parnell Street Carpark, Thurles, to be left in specified areas on Saturday January, 12th and Saturday January 19th.
  • The Civic Amenity Site, Roscrea,  during opening hours from January 10th to 26th inclusive.
  • The Recycling Centre, Nenagh, during opening hours from January 8th to 26th inclusive.
  • The Templemore Town Park, Templemore in specified areas on Saturday, January, 19th.

This season it is estimated that Ireland generated the following recyclable waste over the Christmas 2012 period; 22 million wine bottles, 50.6 million beer cans, 20 million soft drink cans, 50.5 million beer bottles, 39 million carbonated soft drink bottles & 4 million boxes of chocolates.


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