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Property Tax – Tax Clearance Certificate Required

Revenue Commissioners

Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin has accused the Government of trying to rush through the Bill dealing with the dreaded property tax, recently unveiled as part of Budget 2013, thus preventing a proper debate on the issue.

He stated that, quote, “Forcing through legislation on a family home tax without a proper debate is unfair, undemocratic and will only fuel the public’s sense of frustration. It displays contempt for the mandate held by deputies on all sides of the House and shows how arrogant and out of touch this Government has become.”

Introducing the legislation to impose the tax, Fine Gael Finance Minister Michael Noonan revealed that homes with a certain level of pyrite damage may now be exempt and other waivers will apply to home-owners earning less than €15,000.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan also warned that those who fail to pay this property tax, will be unable to get a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Revenue Commissioners.

The Irish Constitution (Bunreacht na hÉireann) declares that Irish citizens have a right to own property.  Article 43.1.2 pledges that the State will vindicate the property rights of every citizen, quote. “The State accordingly guarantees to pass no law attempting to abolish the right of private ownership or the general right to transfer, bequeath, and inherit property.

It would now appear that this guaranteed right to own property & transfer same, will be based on whether you hold a Tax Clearance Certificate, issued by the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

God help us, it’s time to turn off the lights & emigrate.


2 comments to Property Tax – Tax Clearance Certificate Required

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George, are you sure this is Ireland you are talking about!! Come on this is outrages that these Revenue People have the right to enter ones private property without the owners permission. It sounds like this idea came from the Nazi years. George we have laws here and I believe England do as well that one has the right to protect there property by which ever means it takes. Oh I hope the Irish people don’t take this sort of thing lying down because this is only the beginning of there propaganda if they do.

  • Michael

    We are gone back 200 years

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