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Trading Out Of The Recession

Mark Fielding, Chief Executive, ISME

Trading out of the Recession” is the theme for the ISME Skillnet Autumn Briefing & Networking Sessions.

These sessions are designed to give Owner /Managers the skills and expertise to trade out of this recession. They will examine today’s operating environment for SMEs and ask what does the future hold in store?

Each session is focused on imparting practical and relevant information to owner managers.

Topics which will be discussed include:- Maximise your Sales, – Avoid fines for non-compliance of employment law, – Are you a victim of Anti-Competitive behaviour? – Top tips to Improve your business.

Owner /Managers can book their place now for what promises to be the best business advice of the year by clicking Here.

Do note dates and venues shown around the country between 27th September, & 16th October next, you will be sure to find a time that suits your present busy schedule.


  • Grow Your Sales – Paul Hurley, Marketbuild.  A practical, back to basics session on how to maximise your sales in any economic climate.
  • Crash Course in Employment Law Compliance – John Barry, MD, Management Support Services.  Simple steps to follow procedures, stay compliant and avoid unnecessary inspections and fines.
  • Anti-Competitive Behaviour and SMEs – The Competition Authority.  How to avoid becoming a victim of anti-competitive behaviour and stay on the right side of competition law.
  • Trading Out of the Recession – Thurles native Mark Fielding, CEO ISME.  Top tips on how to survive and improve your business, including a full list of government supports for SMEs.

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