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Dept Of Social Protection Reassure Claimants

The Department of Social Protection has today reassure it customers that payment of the Household Charge is no longer a requirement for payment of a Social Welfare entitlement or registration for their new Public Services Card.

Concerns had been expressed that the Department of Social Protection were linking compliance of the Household Charge with the issue of their new Public Services Card. However in a statement today, the Department have now stated that a receipt for payment of this inequitable tax is not a pre-condition when securing Social Welfare payments.

Previously a letter, sent to claimants, had asked that those receiving Social Welfare attend to register for their new card, (latter which will now replace the current Social Services Card) should bring a receipt of payment of the Household Charge, as proof of their current address.

Any utility bill, in the claimants own name, will now be acceptable alternative proof of their present residence.


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