Two Men Murdered Near Holycross County Tipperary

Holycross Abbey

I knew that headline would grab your attention for a moment and if you believe gang warfare & crime in this country has gotten out of control, then visit our sister website Hidden Tipperary and read about the ‘carry on,’ in the parish of HolyCross, Co.Tipperary, which began in 1826.

I bring this historical true tale to your attention and indeed the attention of the residents of Bohernacrusha & Holycross particularly, because next year we celebrate “The Gathering 2013,” (Tóstal Éireann 2013). The Gathering is our unique chance to join a countrywide, citizen-led initiative to reach out to Ireland’s global diaspora and bring them home, for an unprecedented year-long celebration of all that is great about our green land and her people. The Gathering is a chance for all of us here in Co Tipperary, to organise and participate in special community, family, club, or parish events that will be the foundation of a year of celebrations. Ireland’s global gathering starts with your local gathering. If we join in now, then the world will surely flock to enjoy not just our special hospitality but also our unique history, our ancient & modern way of life, our food & our laughter.

As I have often stated previously, County Tipperary has more history ‘in it’s little finger,’ to sell to native visitors and encourage tourism to our shores, than any other county in Ireland.

The new publication “Destination Cashel,” which we referred to in our last blog is indeed welcome & of huge benefit to visitors, but must also be observed in the context of reality. For the past few years North Tipperary County Council have been advertising the myth that a Tourism Information Point, is supposedly operating from the Source Library building here in Thurles. This mythical Tourism Information Point has not existed for the last 4 years, as over worked Thurles Library staff will attest. Despite having six County Councillors in place, all claiming to represent the interests of Thurles and its environs &, who according to the Tipperary Star Newspaper, two weeks ago were ‘calling,’ (To whom they were calling we just do not know) for the preservation of existing job in our area, same have failed to notice that this unsatisfactory situation now exists.

Those who are responsible for the distribution of Leader Funding, also must come in for some criticism. While some failed tourism orientated project last year received funding, to the reported tune of some €70,000, there were smaller & much more merited local development projects, seeking much smaller amounts of funding, (e.g €4,000) for which funding was made impossible to access.

So before you read the true history of Holycross / Bohernacrusha and it’s environs, I ask the question;  Should we build a commemorative scaffold in Bohernacrusha? Would the many tourists visiting the beautiful village of Holycross, before heading too far South, be curious enough to stop off for lunch or a pint in Bohernacrusha, & enquire further as to the historical background to this spectacle of a past era?

Before you make your mind up, please click Here.


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