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Cahir Co Tipperary Commemorates Titanic

A plaque commemorating four people, who left from Cahir to travel on the doomed Titanic will be unveiled in Cahir, Co.Tipperary this weekend.

The plaque will bear the names of Roger Tobin, Kate Peters, Kate McCarthy and Kate Connolly, who all bought their tickets in Cahir at a local White Star Line agent’s office.

The centenary of the disaster will be commemorated on Sunday starting with Mass in Kilmoyler Church at 10.30am. Following this wreaths will be laid on the family plots of those associated.

Special ‘Titanic Menus,‘ will be available at lunchtime on Sunday, to the public, in eateries in Cahir, including the Cahir House Hotel and The Galtee Inn. At approximately 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon, a plaque will be unveiled by members of the Peters, Tobin and McCarthy families, on Castle Street in the town. A letter that was written by Kate McCarthy, will also be read aloud and this will be followed by refreshments, music, storytelling and an exhibition in Morrissey’s Bar.

To read more about Tipperary passengers on the Titanic, go to our sister website, by clicking HERE


2 comments to Cahir Co Tipperary Commemorates Titanic

  • As a a former Merchant Navy,Steward, my last Ship was the RMS”MAURETANIA ” 1960/61. It was great to read the stories, of some of the passengers/survivors.
    Thanks for that, however I have one ISSUE, and that is this, can anyone tell me how an Immigrant would have such a large ammount of money? The stated ammount was £300 & £300 was a HUGH ammount of money then, almost $1500.00. If the average wage was about ONE Pound a week, it has me thinking. In 1954 in Dublin, I made about 4 Pounds a week, (A Union -Shop -in High Street)
    Tiobraid Arann Abu agus Templetuohy.

  • Hi Seamus,
    You make a good point. However there is one possibility here:-
    Boarding Records state that Edward Ryan was a ‘General Labourer.’ When he eventually arrived in New York he gave his occupation as ‘Chauffeur.’ When Mr. Ryan moved back to England three years after the disaster and settled in Hull in 1916 he worked for Rose, Downs and Thompson Ltd as an ‘engineer.’
    On board Titanic he had travelled 3rd class, yet appears to have managed to find himself, unlike other 3rd class passengers, able to travel more freely about on board ship even to where 3rd class passengers had no business.
    He appears to have been quite an intelligent individual, even to how he managed to exit the ship.
    Thus when the White Star Line were making it difficult for surviving passengers to be compensated and were demanding detailed lists of property lost, he possibly could have slightly inflated his loss. What he observed that night surely must have angered him regarding the arrogance and greed he observed during the sinking and on the voyage. Who would call him a liar?
    We will never know the accuracy of his claim so we must accept same as truth and who knows maybe he truly had a benefactor, or was carrying money to Troy, his original destination, for someone else.

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