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Templemore Lake To Benefit From LEADER Funding

The Templemore Community Eco Lake Rehabilitation works group are to benefit from North Tipperary LEADER Partnership Group, with the latter today granting approved funding of €90,309 for the towns next planned project.

This project involves the installation of a replacement sluice system, the drilling of a borehole and the supply of supplementary water to the existing lake. (Click on Image to enlarge)

Plans also include the felling of a number of trees and the planting / replacement of native trees.

Also on their to do list is the erection of an embankment or causeway, together with angling stands to be erected on the western areas of the lake.

Dredging of a silt trap and marginal areas of the lake together with the fencing of related wetlands, adjacent to this area, are also included.

This project will greatly improve the ecological state of the lake in Templemore’s town park, which is home to a large variety of wildlife.

This park is a wonderful naturally occurring amenity for the residents of Templemore town and also as a tourist attraction for its many annual visitors, not forgetting the local environment.

Photo courtesy G.Willoughby.


2 comments to Templemore Lake To Benefit From LEADER Funding

  • Michael

    Templemore Lake is a lovely place to visit, to watch all types of birds. It’s a very peaceful place.

  • Chris

    For the small budget Templemore TC receive they have that town looking great litter free and boast a beautiful town park. When I worked in Templemore few years back I use to go for lunch up to that park everyday and miss it.

    Why can’t Thurles town council provide services like this? Any news on that town park that was talked about for Thurles a few years ago?

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