Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees will start coming down in homes for another year, in most houses most likely beginning on Monday morning next.
For those of you who purchased a real tree this year, same are being accepted free of charge, at the following centres in County Tipperary:-

North Tipperary:
Christmas Trees can be dropped off for recycling from 6th January to 28th  January, at the following locations in North Tipperary.
Roscrea: Civic Amenity Centre during normal opening hours.
Templemore: Town Park, in specified area.
Thurles: Parnell Street Car Park, in a specified area.
Nenagh:  Recycling Centre, during normal opening hours.
Ballaghveny: Civic Amenity site, during normal opening hours.

South Tipperary:
Christmas Trees can be dropped off for recycling from 6th January to 14th  January at the following locations in South Tipperary.
Clonmel: Recycling Centre Carrigeen.
Cashel: Waller’s- Lot Recycling Centre.
Donohill: Donohill Landfill & Civic Amenity Centre.
Carrick- on- Suir: Fair Green Car Park.

Of course if you live in Thurles and purchased a new fridge over Xmas in Dublin’s IKEA, despite the compulsory recycling tax you paid on purchase of same, there is no place in Thurles to recycle your old unit.  Annually, because of this, roadside dumping is inevitable and taxpayers money is being wasted, if and when County Council workers are forced to clean up.

Maybe Minister Phil Hogan could organize something here in conjunction with his controversial €100 Household Charge. Note Mr Hogan everywhere else in Europe has proper recycling centres provided, and we are aware how you like to compare us with the rest of Europe, especially when a household charge is in question. Why not provide us with at least some services for our money?


2 comments to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

  • Rory Mac Mahon

    Why not bring the old fridge with you since retailers can take an old fridge for a new fridge?

  • Heading for Dublin, I tried putting it on the roof of my car, but it kept slipping off. Then I put it on the back seat and put my passengers on the roof, but discovered that passengers are required to travel using seat belts. Understand the logistics now. Not everyone has a car trailer, tow bar or are covered by their motor insurance to tow trailers. Truth is Nenagh and Clonmel have recycling centres but Thurles has nothing as usual, if they exercise their right not to shop local, except a WEE collection once a year. You are totally missing the point. If your old fridge is still working, new fridges under guarentee, must stand for 10 hours having been bounced around during transportation, before being switched on, so no retailer in Dublin is going to return the following day to take the old model, despite recycling tax having been paid on purchase of the new model. No one is going to throw out/waste the contents of their old fridge, to facilitate retailers logistics.

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