Government Worried About Tobacco Sales

Contents Of Cigarette Smoke

As much as 14% to 18% of the 1.7 billion cigarettes smoked in Ireland last year were illegally imported, indicating a €250m loss to the Irish Exchequer in unpaid duty or taxes.
According to today’s Irish Independent Newspaper, Fine Gael TD Derek Keating warns us that more people will die in 2012 from tobacco-related illness than alcohol or even heroin. Ireland he states is now viewed, by smugglers, as an ideal location for their trade in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Mr Keating went on to state that almost every major street in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Dundalk has illegal vendors. Another major aspect to this problem is that it is well know that some of the filler substance used to bulk cigarette products, is more dangerous than the actual tobacco content contained in the cigarette itself.

Mr Keating said “We need to smash the distributions system of these criminals and by tackling this crime, everyone will be a winner.

Mr Keating appears of course to have forgotten to state that cigarettes purchased here in Ireland cost between €4 and €6 more, per pack of twenty, than in any other European country, due to his and previous government’s annual easy target tax increases. This market for cheap smuggled cigarettes is therefore promoted and encouraged by present and previous governments and their sudden concern for our individual health, shown only I fear through tax increases.

Mr Keating has forgotten that Tobacco Products under EU law, being brought into Ireland from other EC countries, once transported and accompanied by the purchaser and for his sole use, rather than for commercial purposes, enter Ireland without payment of exorbitant Irish duty.

Smoking Cheaply In Ireland Within Irish Law

Since the recent price increase by tobacco manufacturers of 10 cents and Minister Michael Noonan’s budget increase of 25 cents, per pack of twenty, confirmed smokers in Ireland have changed their smoking habits considerably. While many seek out easily available illegally imported supplies, others have moved more significantly to “roll your own,” loose tobacco.

Presently if you are a 40 cigarette a day person, two packs of 20 cigarettes can cost as much as €17.80 per day, depending on brand. On the other hand one packet of “roll your own” cigarette tobacco, including 50 gummed cigarette papers, which allows for the making of about 30 cigarettes, costs a mere €4.20.

Mastering the rolling of your own cigarettes by hand is now no longer “an acquired art over time,” when you can purchase an automatic cigarette rolling machine for less than €5. Within 15 minutes you can easily whip up 20 beautiful hand made cigarettes. Indeed confirmed female smokers and followers of fashion, are now buying engraved silver personalised cigarette cases for about €20, for their handbags, claiming they smoke only handmade cigarettes.

Most new converts to “Roll Your Own Cigarettes,” claim they smoke less tobacco, by including slimline filter tips when rolling their cigarettes. All smokers, previously smoking up to 40 cigarettes per day, state that they now save a colossal €90 per week, due to their change in habit, and all feel less guilt, in relation to their usage of their households disposable income.

Note: Regardless of the tobacco product used, it has been proved that there is an increased risk of cancer, strokes and heart disease by its usage.  Tobacco smoke that is inhaled causes lung cancer, sinus disease and chronic obstructive lung disease.  Many pipe smokers state that they do not inhale, but research shows that they have a significant increase in risk of lung, larynx, throat, esophagus, pancreas, and colon-rectal cancers along with an increased risk of coronary artery disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and strokes.

So maybe it is time to quit the habit as this years ‘new years resolution.’


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