Save Euros By Buying Online This Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching many of us are still searching for that perfect Xmas present. There are many options for today’s savvy shoppers and many people are turning to online stores for their Christmas shopping. We have compiled a short list of top online stores that are offering great deals at the moment. Most of these stores have an Irish base, so you can shop knowing that your hard-earned Euro will be spent in the Irish economy.

Here is our Top 5 list of recommended online retailers for your shopping this Christmas.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to pick up Christmas presents. They have a track record of price-matching products and therefore can be trusted with giving you the best price for digital cameras, sports equipment, books, music, DVDs, BluRays and video games and much more. Free Irish delivery is available on Amazon orders that have the Free Super Saver option on the product page. The free shipping is a great bonus and in order to qualify you must have an order value of £25 (€30) or more.

Also this week, Amazon are running their (in)famous Black Friday Deals which were great fun last year. To see the latest deal you can visit the Black Friday Deals link on the Amazon homepage.

2. is another good website for buying your favourite fashion and sports brands online. You can find cheap Timberland boots and clothing, cheap Nike runners , cheap Adidas clothing for both Men, Women and Kids. are doing free shipping on orders over €25 this week. Also this week they are having a boot sale with big savings on brand names. Just today I bought a pair of boots, a pair of runners and a pair of slippers of €57 including delivery. To see their latest deals you can visit the homepage.

Update: There is 20% off all orders over €100 until midday December 5th. Use code TWH2 at checkout!

3. is a fantastic wholly Irish owned website that offers everything that all you techy freaks could wish for. They stock everything in computer memory, flash memory, USB drives, hard drives, SSDs, GPS satnav systems, computer peripherals, MP3 players and much more – at the best prices in Ireland. This is a fact. I have used them many times and deserve your support this Xmas. also offer Free Delivery on all orders within Ireland. All orders are shipped from their own warehouse in Ireland and most orders are delivered within 24 hours!

Check out their website by visiting the homepage.

4. is rapidly becoming a very popular Irish website and may be one of the Ireland’s largest online electronics retailers. sells computer related equipment, cameras, hard drives, sound systems etc. offer Free Shipping on orders over €75 and orders are usually delivered in 1-3 days.

5. has made a successful transition from a catalogue business to a full online shopping website.

Littlewoods are also doing Free Delivery with all orders at the moment.

Items are usually delivered in four days from receipt of your online order.

UPDATE: I just found a LittleWoods coupon code for 20% off your order! It’s “22VP6“, enjoy!


3 comments to Save Euros By Buying Online This Christmas

  • Pat

    I am disappointed to see this ‘THURLES’ site advertising mail order for Christmas. Surely you should be recommending the ‘SHOP LOCAL’ motto.

  • Pat, Your disappointment cuts me to the very “hyponychium”, and leaves me simply unable to sleep. This “Thurles Site,” phoned the Thurles Marketing Group, The Thurles Chamber of Commerce, Shannon Development etc to name just three, for their views prior to publishing this “dangerous heresy.” To my astonishment and in the words of Don McLean’s American Pie lyrics “the three men I admire most: The father, son, and the holy ghost, They’ed caught the last train for the coast.” in other words despite a recession, and when Thurles Town needed them most, two of these failed organisations, having used up vast amounts of public money, had done a runner, without so much as a “goodbye,” or a “nice knowing you.”

    This “Thurles Site” together with “Hidden Tipperary,” and “Famine Museum,” are funded by private means and are the last Thurles links with the outside world. Not one penny of public funding has ever been received in respect of their upkeep.

    Should you wish to debate any of these failures publically on this site, I shall be happy to oblige, just as soon as you throw a €20 into our donation box, which is positioned at the top right hand corner of our home page.

    The expensive and publically funded 7 year old Thurles marketing tool known as currently is ranked 2,443,393 worldwide, so it fails as a marketing tool for the town. Just 80 unique visitors will visit it today. Type “Thurles” into your search engine, who is first for information? Yes with a sence of joy and sadness it is a 3 year old privately funded site with a world ranking of 271,532 and 809th best site in Ireland. Has any business in Thurles used this marvelous site to promote their sales locally? Answer NO George.
    By the way a question ” Where is the porn site Tipperary. com.” OOOps, Sorry, It is still under construction one year on.

    All failures and joking aside, I not only support shop local first, but practise what I preach. You will not see me in Limerick or Kilkenny tomorrow shopping. But I am advising people if they must shop online, which they will, do please use online stores which have an Irish base or intend too. First there is the very important local economy, but also our national economy and Irish online stores do contribute to our national economy. I am surprised you are not aware that Christmas spending throughout the whole Irish economy is set to fall by at least 10% -12% this year, with an amazing 46% of Irish consumers buying their gifts online. The average spend per household in Ireland this Christmas will be €1,020. This is significantly higher than the average European spend of €590. Online shopping has been identified as the No 1 channel also for buying gifts in both the UK and Germany. Some 41% intend to spend more on the Internet this year.

    The creeps, the snake-oil salesmen and spoofers who condemned a generation to negative equity nationally have ensured that we can expect a very tough Budget, looming in December, and Irish consumers are therefore likely to become more cautious in their spending, during this festive season. At least they should be encouraged to spend through Irish online stores which at least support employment. The end result is that they will also have a few quid of disposable funding left over to spend on a night out in Thurles.

    Sorry to disapoint you, but my 1,000 a day visiting consumer traffic are intelligent and believe a now forgotten adage “A part of all you earn, is yours to keep.”
    So throw a loose € 20 into our donation box and help us raise the €700 (per site) needed for administration expenses, due since last October.

  • Chris

    Not all the top gadgets are available in Thurles or even Ireland (Nokia Lumia wont launch here until 2012, or the Amazon Kindle wasn’t available in shops here until this summer). Yes spending locally is important but if you are buying stuff that is only available on the internet George has pretty much pointed out the best places. Amazon although not running a site for the Irish market does have its European HQ here in Ireland and any purchase on that site will benefit workers here.

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