Enhance Your Business Attend ISME Skillnet

Enhance your business in 2011 by attending ISME Skillnet’s SME BUSINESS NETWORK Event. ( 28th Nov – 5th Dec 2011 inc.)

The course is designed to give Owner Managers, like you, a competitive edge, and these “Sessions,” will examine today’s operating environment for SMEs and ask what does the future hold in store?

Each session is focused on imparting practical and relevant information to owner managers.

There is no fee for these events as they are being supported by ISME Skillnet, however booking is essential as places will be limited.  The ISME Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

Enhance your business in 2012.
Create savings of 1% of turnover.
Get grants to improve your business.
Make your pension give you a better return.

Rolling with the PunchesBrody Sweeney. From the highs of building an international chain to the lows of liquidation and the necessary back to business again, – the lessons, the do’s, the don’ts:  This will be a masterclass for entrepreneurs.

E – Invoicing – Delivering Real Cost Savings and Efficiencies for SMEs. John Larkin, Managing Director, eBox Systems will speak on how companies can achieve cost savings of 1% to 2% of turnover and what you need to do to get these savings.

Tax Credit Where It’s Due – When innovation is crucial and cash is king, R&D incentives such as the R&D Tax Credit can give your company the support it needs in these uncertain times. KPMG explain how easy it is for SMEs to avail of these tax incentives.

Pension Shock –Knowing the Costs and Options on your Pension Scheme Pension Source will make your pension scheme more transparent by focusing on cost structures, performance issues, trustee obligations and what can be done about them.

For details of nearest venue location, dates and times and of course your booking form:  Click – Here.


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