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It is a sad fact that we have to now include a new Crime category on the website. Despite government and Garda reassurance that crime is on the decrease country-wide, there has certainly been an upsurge in criminal activity around the Tipperary area recently. In fact, our most recent Opinion Poll seems to strongly suggest that criminal activity is going unreported to the Gardaí in the Thurles area!

In the last couple of weeks there has been several incidents that has been causing concern to Thurles residents. There was the Masked Vandals Smashing Car Windows incident at the Halloween weekend, but nothing seems to have been done about it. Also, there has been several large drug seizures in recent weeks which has been causing concern that gangland style criminal activity, which is increasingly related to gun crime, is also on the increase.

Indeed, just last night two men were shot in Templemore Town Park which is just a mile down the road from the national Garda Headquarters. (full story will be posted later today)

Remember, if you witness a crime or have any information about criminal activity you can call Crime Stoppers in the strictest confidence on 1850 250025 or visit their website at or contact the Thurles Garda Station at (0504) 25100.


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  • Chris

    Compared to Nenagh though we have a pretty low, serious crime rate. Modern society we are bound to get acne teens thinking they are cool smashing car windows. When will the cctv be installed in the streets? its badly needed to catch these people and if they are in council houses they should be evicted and the money repaid from there dole.

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