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Tipperary Hurlers Send Message At Waterford’s Expense

Today at Páirc Uí Chaoimh Tipperary sent out a strong warning to all future contenders, demonstrated clearly by their ruthless annihilation of Waterford in the Munster final.

Though not expected to win, all 36.5 thousand fans in attendance expected a battle, at the very least from Waterford, but that was never allowed to happened, when a perfect Tipperary forward line and an overall superb Tipperary team decided to give their assembled audience a masterclass in hurling skill.

Lar Corbett had a personal mission, that of ensuring his rightful place in the record books, with his third goal making him Tipperary’s record goal scorer, as if Tipperary doubted. In case of any doubt and to be sure,  he added a fourth goal in the second half, while Eoin Kelly would add on another two and Seamus Callanan one more as a bonus. Only three of Tipperary’s scores came from deadballs, showing 7-16 from play.

Waterford from the beginning got shown no mercy from Tipperary in this masterclass, with Kelly and John O’Brien both getting points before Lar Corbett tested the strength of Waterfords net behind goal keeper Clinton Hennessy.

Tipperary had 10 points safely in the bag before Tipperary’s second goal arrived courtesy of Kelly, working in close association with the killer partnership of  McGrath and Maher. Within less than a minute Clinton Hennessy was pucking a ball out again, after Corbett sailed another left handed strike past, to test the net once more. Patrick Maher’s neat pass to Callanan,  found Hennessy once more pucking out again. Corbett, intent on Waterford’s destruction, soon brought his personal tally to 3-03.

Following the break the Corbett, Kelly duo, quickly gave Waterford firm notice that their chastisement was not just yet complete, despite the introduction by Waterford of Liam Lawlor, Maurice Shanahan, and David O’Sullivan.

Three further unanswered points and Kelly suddenly struck again this time slipping a ball from Gearoid Ryan into the bottom corner across Hennessy. Corbett not to be outdone successfully struck home a fourth goal from the ground.

From Waterford fans tonight, much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Final Score: Tipperary 7-19 – Waterford 0-19.

International Hurling Festival Results From Semple Stadium

Back here in Semple Stadium Thurles, this weekends International Hurling Tournament final, run by Thurles Sarsfields, latter one of the oldest, most traditional and most successful clubs in Tipperary, got underway between Kilburn Gaels of London and Dunboyne (Meath).

The final scoreline saw Kilburn Gaels take the coveted Tom Semple Cup, by out pointing Dunboyne with a score of 1-5  to 0-9 points.

(Click on Pic Image, courtesy of J.O’Loughlin, for larger resolution.)

This successful weekends competition, was aimed at promoting hurling on an International basis and also to promote Thurles Town and its environs as a tourist attraction. The festival opened on Friday night last at The Sarsfields Social Centre with the hurling action taking place on Saturday at Morris Park and on Sarsfield’s own pitch. The Tom Semple Cup, was presented to Thurles Sarsfields by the family of the late Tom Semple, in memory of the late Thurles and Tipperary Blue’s legend.


2 comments to Tipperary Hurlers Send Message At Waterford’s Expense

  • Chris

    My girlfriend is from Waterford and while watching it with her she started getting cranky after the first 10 minutes. This Tipperary team is one that will dominate the next decade I feel.

  • I know she is a real beauty Chris, but you cannot be expected to have to put up with this kind of behavour from her. Hurling first good looking women second, start as you intend to finish – put her on first warning. (Yellow Card).

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