Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Hello you animal lovers out there. Meet ‘Missy‘ the tiny eight week old pup from Thurles, who thinks she is a cat.

The Great Escape (One Dog’s Interpretation) from G Butler on Vimeo.

Highly intelligent ‘Missy’ is the only daughter of a female Cocker Spanial called ‘Sandy’ and was conceived following a one night unscheduled liaison with an unidentified black Labrador Retriever.

Abandoned by her mother, at just four weeks, for continuously acting the pup, Missy was hand reared by her owner and now prefers the human touch to those of the canine variety.

Just like most women, Missy has a mind of her own and as you saw from this video clip, is very head strong when it comes to being caged, in her four foot high wired dog compound.

I wonder if we had a word with her could she help us find a solution to our present economic problems.


1 comment to Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

  • Reckon his father was a cat. I mean, he was conceived at night. Dogs are snugly in their beds at night, while toms roam the countryside looking for love. I should know, one of my neighbours has 15 cats, many of them toms, and I often lie awake listening to their plaintive cries. Female cats are obviously in scarce supply, but female dogs (I hesitate to call them bitches)are in plentiful supply. Hence you can see the logic of my argument. Probably one of my neighbour’s toms.
    Nice site, George. I must keep in touch.

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