GIY Thurles Green Learning Day

Growing your own food can be an isolating experience particularly when you are a novice and you just don’t know where to start.

Those dreaded words “Economic Recession” and “Unemployment” have brought about a huge revival in gardening and vegetable growing and also a sense of true community, particularly through the use of available public allotments.

Allotment gardening reduces stress, especially when it gets you away from the pressures of modern urban living. The health and social benefits of allotment growing can offer a particular advantage to individuals, particularly those who suffer with physical and mental health issues.

You can developing new skills, pick up new tips from other gardeners, whilst chatting and passing the time of day. Old experienced hands pass on the tips and skills which in the future you can use to mentor other newcomers. Through meeting and sharing experiences with others you will soon begin to rediscover a sense of community that’s appears to have gone missing from so many of our lives today. Anyway there is something spiritual about bringing your hands into contact with the good earth.

A “Grow It Yourself” group is about creating a grower’s community so that people can come together in their locality to learn from each other and exchange tips, knowledge, produce

“Grow It Yourself”  Thurles is taking part in an event run in the Tipperary Institute Thurles as part of Aontas Festival Week, on Tues 23rd from 8.00pm – 9.30 pm.

The following is the format for the evening:-

Each of the groups named below will be giving an introductory talk lasting 10-15 min .
Grow It Yourself (GIY)
Green Energy
Tipperary Menu

Farmers Market


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