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IMC Cinema Thurles


IMC Cinema Thurles is situated at Thurles Shopping Centre, Slievenamon Rd, Thurles, Co.Tipperary, beside Dunnes Stores. The Irish Multiplex Cinema(IMC) in Thurles has 5 state of the art Digital cinema screens.

Phone:- 0504 – 26422

E-Mail:- https://www.imccinemas.ie/Contact-Us

Current Movies Showing:- Click Here

Facilities include:- Box Office, Concessions, Concessions Self-Service, Ticketing Self-Service, Games Area, Free/Discount Parking, Fully Digital Cinema, Wheelchair Accessible and  Loop System.


29 comments to IMC Cinema Thurles

  • Argo

    Was here last weekend. Its an impressive cinema.

  • Jack

    Was there last nite. Great cinema but staff can be rude and the food there, its a rip off. Plus you aren’t allowed to bring in anything with you.

  • Tracy

    It a good cinema but a bit dear and the staff arent that nice at all !!

  • Thanks for your feed back, still Tracy, it’s very cosy and comfortable down there and well worth the money. As for the staff maybe someone was just having a bad day. If you are ever treated with discourtesy always make your feelings known to management. Not enough of us complain nowadays and the result is continued bad service,furthering loss of business. I am sure that IMC management will see your comment (They often take a look at us) and will investigate. Good on you Tracy, Thank You.

  • Fin

    I’ve been trying to call them for 2 days to find out when Nanny McPhee is on as I can’t find it on their website and it keeps going to voicemail!! Very frustrating, I don’t know how they make money…

  • brianc

    Hi Fin, you can visit the Thurles booking page here;IMC Online Booking Page to see all the films that are on for the day, all on one page.

    They’ve changed their website recently and it’s still not an easy site to navigate!

  • Sarah

    Its frustrating that you can’t book online for tickets to a film.

  • Hi Sarah,
    Couldn’t agree more, but it will happen eventually I am sure. Businesses are not hungry enough just yet, so customer service is not important.

  • Fidelma

    Exremely Rude staff. She hung up on me when I was on the phone

  • unacceptable!!!

    I was there last night with my friends and they wouldn’t let me in because I was fourteen and the movie was fifteens and all my friends had their tickets and were going in and we were all waiting for ages trying to do something and my friend saw her uncle and he got me a ticket. The staff are very ignorant. I’m NEVER going there again!!!! My parents were shocked and got their number and are making a formal complaint.

  • Hi There, I would like to address some of the comments from above. If a film is 15a people under the age of 15 need to be accompanied by an adult (18+). These are the rules from the IFCO, we simply enforce them as they are there for a reason.

    The food is very reasonable compared to other cinemas in portlaoise/limerick/cork and dublin.

    There was a comment about not being able to get through on the phone line, Monday to Friday the cinema does not open untill 5pm, so the phones cannot get answered until then alternitavely you can book at http://www.imccinemas.ie/now_playing.asp

    If anyone experiences rude behaviour from staff please contact me on 0504 26422 or mark an email FAO Colm thurles@imccinemagroup.com

  • Connie Black

    Yea its nice. They let you snog in the back seats as long as you don’t show a leg or anything else. lol.

  • Clodagh

    The staff are really rude and uptight …….. and its a rip off!

  • Noreen

    I was at IMC Thurles today and was short-changed by £5 by the Assistant Manager. The Manager, Colm, then intervened and said he would double check if the till was correct. They went away and only about two minutes later came back and said the till was right! He was dismissive, smug and very rude. I said that I no longer wanted to go to the movie as they had spoilt my day but he would not give a refund as he said ‘the movie was not faulty’. Social skills would not go amiss with the staff I dealt with today. To have such a beautiful facility in this town, it is unfortunate to have it run by such unprofessional persons. I would prefer to travel out of town next time and visit a cinema where my custom is appreciated. At least until I see that proper management have been employed locally.

  • Noreen: Sorry to hear your tale. We receive a lot of complaints about Thurles cinema, however regrettably we are unable to comment for obvious reasons. There is no reference to their head office on their website but try contacting Erin Mone IMC Cinema Group 00353(0)1236 6664. There is a link by him on Facebook claiming to emanate from Head office http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=103134386389306&topic=17
    By writing to us you obviously feel aggrieved, so do formally complain in a civil manner and advise us of the outcome.
    Send him a link to this website ( http://www.thurles.info/2009/05/04/imc-cinema-thurles/#comments) and invite him to have a read.

  • Chris

    The only thing you can do to protect yourself from being short-changed is research the product or service been retailed and carry the exact amount. Preferably use small notes or coins or if possible laser/visa debit cards (or credit cards provided you pay it back on time, or face the hefty interest). That way there is less chance of being short-changed. In fairness to the Manager (he didn’t see the transaction I assume?) So he couldn’t exactly take your word for it. Who knows maybe the Assistant Manager misplaced the €5, it can happen. I remember when I went to a Restaurant in Dublin one time for a meal (like Hayes hotel and most Hotel’s/Restaurants) they didn’t have the chip and pin device in the Restaurant part so you have to pay at the reception desk. Like in Hayes where you leave your Credit Card at the desk and pay when you leave. This hotel had same policy but they misplaced my card by accident. Though it at least had no monetary value once I rang Bank Of Ireland and I also got free meal out of it.

  • Leprachaun

    Manager is very rude and ignorant all the time. Someone should really tell this guy how to mind his manners.

  • sue

    We’ve been several times and the Manager and staff have always been cheerful and happy to help, very friendly! but, I would agree that food and drinks are a little overpriced, and can make a family night out costly. I assume that is down to the IMC franchise setting the prices? But all in all I would say, this is Just what Thurles needed, to bring in customers in to the town!

  • Lorna

    Wow I have to say I go alot to the cinema in Thurles and not once have I experienced any rudeness…..I work with special needs and go with work also…..I found the staff to be very accommodating and they let us in on a reduced rate….staff and all!!

  • brianc

    Prices updated to reflect 2012 prices.

    Prices fell on average of about €1.20 which is good to see.

  • Claire

    We use the cinema on a regular basis and have always found staff to be very friendly and polite. Would be handy if the website would state clearly what the kids club film is each weekend as it is great value. Telephone lines are often closed (even during cinema opening hours). I think I spoke to the manager last week when we were in and he was very approachable.

  • I agree with you Claire, my friends & kids visit regularly and all enjoy their visit. Others however appear to experience problems. I must confess I know nothing about “kids club film,” but if the cinema were to inform us about it, we would carry the information.

  • Declan

    This is a very nice cinema. I go here regularly, but I do agree with many of the comments above. The staff are very rude!!!
    On two occasions, I was with my friends and because we are teenagers they treat us very badly. The first time I was very shocked at the approach by one employee, saying to my friends and I, that other young people were here the weekend before us and vandalised the bathrooms or something. It felt like they were blaming us!! Very unacceptable…they even walked us in and assigned us seats at the front.

  • Mary

    Nice cinema, but completely way overpriced for everything, there should be allowances for small children and the food is ridiculous all the big bags of sweets, they should be taken off the shelves. No need for them so big, and maybe with smaller bags the prices would not be so high. It is a lovely cinema all the same!!

  • Emma

    The manager in there is very rude as are all the staff. Food is a rip off, but the actual cinema is quite nice. I wouldn’t go in there again, after the manager’s rudeness.

  • Sue

    We attended the cinema a couple of weeks ago. It looks a really nice cinema, it was warm when we went in but became really cold as soon as the program began. This has happened each time we have been there. It was so cold that your body hurt. For the price of seeing the film, you do expect to be comfortable. I did contact a head office number and was told to email a Erin Moan. Yes that’s right ‘Moan.’ But as you will know I did not receive an answer to my email I did send it again. We shall not be going back to the cinema and l know that my work friends in Thurles will not be going back there either.

  • Tim

    Manager and in fact all staff very rude, expelled my teenage son from the theatre and put him in a room, would not call me, put child out on street after wards, made no attempt to contact parents and refuse to talk now

  • Lorna

    I went there with my friends and we wanted to see a movie that was 15’s and we were all fifteen but as we were the only people at the counter, all staff ganged up on us and told us that there was no way we were fifteen. One staff member in particular claimed to know my parents and that I was only going into first year which would have meant I was only 12. If she had known my parents she would have known I was in fact in third year and 15. They even teased us telling us to bring our passports next time. Very rude……

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