Victory By Irish Rugby Heroes – Gave Back Self Belief

capt-brianodriscol1As a unit, the Irish rugby team have been magnificent in recent weeks and for sheer spirit, hard work, and talent this squad and its management team deserve every plaudit.

However, has this teams skill, grit and determination set an example for more than just the future of rugby.?  Journalist Jerome Reilly (Independent) seems to think so and I am inclined to agree.

Jerome writes:

“If the Golden Generation can cast off the shackles of more than half a century of Grand Slam famine then just maybe the Irish people can summon the determination of will to tackle our economic ills.

Only a rugby game? Nonsense. A squad of men from north and south showed a resolution and unity of will that cannot but inspire.

The triumph of this all-Ireland team was proof, if we needed it, how much can be achieved if we put aside petty differences and sectional squabbles and pull together.

There is a stark message here to the unions and the social partners and those who seek a national retrenchment. Strikes at a time when we need full production is a folly.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, who was at the match with the President Mary McAleese, summed up the nation’s elation.

I applaud the team’s courage and remarkable determination and will to win for Ireland. It was outstanding. The Irish team’s performance was nothing short of superb. The players have brought great distinction to themselves and to our country

The nation’s hopes and dreams were finally realised with this 17-15 win over Wales in Cardiff’s packed Millennium stadium.

Those are the bare facts, but they can hardly convey the exultation of the 25,000 supporters who were in Cardiff for this momentous day — not just in Irish sport, but in Irish life.

If a team reflects the nation it represents, then things are not too bad. We are made of the right stuff.”

Food for all our thoughts at this time, don’t you think.?


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  • the baker

    I was at J.C on Friday night. Wow, what a performanace from start to finish. This production was brilliant, could not believe this Top Notch Show was happening in Thurles.. lighting and sound were superb. This show was magical. Well done Thurles Musical Society.

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