Hold Back the Tears.

Hold Back the Tears.

Songwriter: Neil Percival Young.
Vocals: Canadian and American singer, guitarist and songwriter, Neil Percival Young.

Hold Back the Tears.

Hello, my old friend, it’s good to see you smiling,
You’ve been around so long, you must be strong,
And single life really has its fine points,
Like friends to help you out when things go wrong.

Hold back the tears that you’ve been crying,
Push off the fears when they come around,
Hold back the tears and keep on trying,
Just around the next corner, may be waiting your true love.

I call her name out in the night,
I feel for someone but still something isn’t right,
Ah, those streets I hesitate to use,
Start looking better when night brings on the blues.

[Repeat Chorus]

Two lyin’ fools and then four cryin’ eyes,
Counting on one another to survive,
Crazy love must surely have this pain,
If getting up means going down again.

[Repeat Chorus]

Hello, my old friend, it’s good to see you smiling.



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