Drainage & Road Resurfacing On Kickham Street, Thurles, Postponed Until January.

As the remnants of storm Agnes rages here over Thurles Town presently, as was stated on August 8th, 2023 last “By failing to plan, you plan to fail”. Same is a message we have been preaching since February 20th 2022, with regards the cleaning of Thurles road drains.

It is therefore not surprising that we watched Tipperary Co. Council ground staff, out in the middle of the storm, running sewage rods up a blocked road drainpipe, in Kickham Street, undertaking work which should have been completed during the previous summer month.

Work today (September 27th, 2023) being undertaken by Tipperary Co. Council ground staff, unblocking drains which should have been completed during the previous summer month.

It has become quite obvious to our readers that Thurles has no person taking responsibility for the overall administration of our town, over recent years, with weeds currently allowed to grow up through our footpaths, through blocked drain, with no flowerbeds and tubs planted and no potholes filled.

Nine inch high grass growing from a blocked drain on Kickham Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Yet again, we learn this morning that the promised upgrading of the necessary new drainage system and road surface on Kickham Street, east of Thurles, which was due for upgrading this month (September), has once again been postponed.

It is unlikely that Mr Joe MacGrath (Chief Executive at Tipperary County Council) who visited Thurles yesterday afternoon; drove his high powered Mercedes up to Thurles Barry’s Bridge, to view what he promised would be repaired by end of May last; a project which once again was an unattainable or fanciful hope aimed at fobbing off residents, in what is now the most neglected and mismanaged Town in Co. Tipperary.
Indeed, had Mr MacGrath driven up Kickham Street, he could have viewed at firsthand the loose tarmac gravel, being ricocheted from the wheels of heavy vehicles onto the ankles of otherwise absorbed, oblivious pedestrians.

Loose tarmac gravel ricocheted from the wheels of heavy vehicle on Kickham Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

In answer to a query by Thurles.Info, sent to local elected Fianna Fáil Councillor Mr Sean Ryan, quote, “When can the residents of Kickham Street (N75) expect the road surface and drainage to be upgraded? You already stated September, but this is now unlikely. What is the delay?”

Mr Ryan quickly replied, quote: “I asked this question at the last (Council) meeting. I’m told the upgrade works for the N75 will take place in January. When I get a start date George, I’ll let you know. As you know these works will be done by the TII, (Transport Infrastructure Ireland).” Signed Sean.

Kickham Street remains the busiest main road carrying all of the heavy traffic leading west into Thurles Town and also exiting the town on to the motorway running east of Thurles. It is travelled constantly by our two inactive resident TD’s, namely Mr Michael Lowry & Mr Jackie Cahill, and was used yesterday by Minister for Education Ms Norma Foley, who arrived into Thurles to launch “Much Ado About Nothing”.


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