‘Tail Continues To Wag Dog’ – Where Tipperary Co. Council Are Concerned.

On April 13th, 2023, (Read HERE), we wrote about our concerns in relation to the state of roads within the immediate precincts of Thurles town. A copy of same was forwarded to Mr Joe MacGrath (Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council).

State of Barry’s Bridge (Thurles Suir Bridge), Thurles (N75) today, August 5th, 2023.
Pic: G. Willoughby.

In a surprising reply, received from Mr Joe MacGrath, through his Secretary Ms Evelyn Harty; Mr MacGrath broke a 3 year silence to discuss road craters on Thurles streets. [His rare reply has now been framed ].

In his reply Mr MacGrath regretted the fact that we should have published such damning text on social media, in advance of not giving Tipperary County Council an opportunity to respond; same which he found disappointing.
Then again Mr MacGrath, in this same reply of Tuesday April 18th, 2023 forgot that previous efforts to get him to respond to issues raised over a previous 3 year period, had resulted in not even one reply, which I personally found disappointing.

On Tuesday April 18th, 2023 Mr Joe MacGrath informed us that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) would be along to fix the N75 bridge crossing in Thurles. Quote from Mr MacGrath: “The second photo is on the N75 bridge crossing in Thurles. TII has programmed works for this section of road, which we expect will be undertaken by the end of May”.
It is now August 5th 2023 and 10 weeks later no sign of Transport Infrastructure Ireland, hence we suspect when it comes to statements made by Mr Joe MacGrath as Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council “The tail appears to continue to wag the dog”

Currently every Monday morning, in two of the craters on Thurles Bridge (Barry’s Bridge), cold tarmac is tapped down with the back of a shovel. Within a 24 hour period it has been transformed into a gravel patch, causing further damage to the area and allowing collected surface water to seep through into the bridge’s main arch structure.

The end of this month, starting August 30th, primary and secondary school children will begin travelling back to our excellent educational facilities. If repairs are not undertaken and completed before the end of this month (August 2023), school traffic in combination with roadworks will ‘drive’ everyone to despair. Local residents can then stand and further watch the destruction and ruination of businesses within an now neglected Thurles Town centre.

A copy of this blog has been sent to Mr Joe MacGrath, Chief Executive at Tipperary Co. Council.


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