Some 51,000 Food Businesses To Benefit, As FSAI Launch New Learning Portal.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) today announced the launch of its new ‘Learning Portal’, latter an easy-to-navigate digital platform designed to consolidate best-in-class compliance training content and resources on food safety and hygiene. The introduction of this new desktop and mobile compatible learning portal aims to strengthen adherence with food safety legal requirements and supplement the food safety training provided by food businesses to their staff.

The new learning portal, now available to more than 51,000 food businesses, is free to use and offers a wealth of specialised content to assist users in keeping up to date with the latest food safety requirements.
The learning portal’s materials can be easily incorporated into food safety courses, staff meetings, or used for self-learning, allowing learners to study at their own pace and convenience. It was developed to assist in building compliance by food businesses and it includes eLearning modules, webinars, short videos, and explanatory materials covering a broad range of relevant topics.

Welcoming the new learning resource, Dr Pamela Byrne, CEO, FSAI said: “The launch of the ‘Learning Portal’ underscores our commitment to ensuring the highest level of food safety standards are achieved across Ireland. It is imperative that all food businesses recognise the importance of food safety training and the consequences if their staff are not properly trained. Untrained staff can lead to serious non-compliances, which can put consumers’ health at risk. It is the food business’s legal requirement to ensure the food they are producing, selling or distributing is safe to eat. We believe ongoing training and development is an essential component of every food business. I strongly encourage all food businesses across the country to avail of this free resource to assist in creating an ongoing positive culture of food safety compliance in their business”.

The primary content areas of focus include:
Food Safety Culture: This module provides guidance on how to develop and maintain an appropriate food safety culture in a food business, in order to be able to demonstrate this to inspectors and customers. Food safety is legally required to be placed at the core of every food business.

Food Safety Controls in Ireland: This module outlines the role of the FSAI and other official agencies responsible for supervising food businesses in Ireland. It also provides training and information around the latest resources and supports available to food businesses to ensure the highest standards in operational food practices.

Why Food Safety Matters: A module designed to highlight and create understanding around the importance of food safety in protecting the public health and the risks associated with non-compliance.

Product Recall: In line with the latest Irish and EU legislation this topic includes easy to understand short videos outlining what steps need to be taken in the case of a product recall.

The FSAI calls on all food businesses and relevant food professionals to access the new ‘Learning Portal’ and take advantage of its valuable resources to enhance food safety practices across the country.

You can access the FSAI Learning Portal HERE.


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