By Failing To Plan, You Plan To Fail.

The blog read “Excuses By Tipp Co. Council’s Chief Executive & Thurles District Administrator” was first published by Thurles.Info on May 11th 2023 last and referred to the failure by Thurles Municipal District Council to clean drains blocked since February 20th, 2022 and earlier. Read HERE.

One day earlier, on Wed, May 10th, Ms Sharon Scully (Thurles Municipal District Administrator), in an email sent to me stated; See [C] “…… all gullies in the town are on a ‘rotation list’ for cleaning. However the network is susceptible to flash flooding of this nature. Locations as listed below will be examined.”

There is no “rotation list” for blocked drains in Thurles, above drains have been blocked since 2020. In all 6 pictures shown above, accumulated indiscriminate littering is not the cause of the gully blockages, but rather clay from builders and gravel from unrepaired road surfaces. Example: See one blocked drain on corner of Clongour Road, near Lidl supermarket, which was recently resurfaced, having been blocked since 2020.

Mother Nature has warned us here in Thurles, specifically over the past two years, to expect excessive rainfall in the years ahead.

A review of Ms Scully’s “rotation list” for gully’s is now needed; if drains are not unblocked with the frequency needed to match our excessive rainfall. Flash floods need a solution, if rainfall continues to become more and more a feature of life for both residents and businesses in Thurles.

To put it simply, blocked drain + lots of rain = trouble.

Meanwhile, in the email forwarded to Ms Scully, also on May 11th, 2023, asking for certain further clarifications shown hereunder; to date no reply has been received.

Email sent read: Please now also let my readers & myself have your thoughts regarding other issues shown via the following links:-

What was the total cost of the full installation of the new carparks traffic barrier system including shelters, and CCTV cameras, same referred to as ‘Checkpoint Charlie’– and was there any money refunded following its hasty removal.

When will repairs be undertaken on Kickham Street. Note: According to Councillor Ryan, (Littleton) same is due for reconstruction in September 2023.

Incidentally, the very recent pedestrian crossing lights issue on Cathedral Street, was fixed, (Motorists and pedestrians thank you), but alas, having used their spanner to correct this issue, sadly no one had a spare light bulb to replace that which had failed to operate.

Again no gain to Thurles residents from paying increased property tax charges.


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