Covid-19 Infections Rise Last Month.

The Heath Service Executive (HSE) has said it is currently seeing a slight increase in Covid-19 infections here in the Irish State, which in turn is causing a slight increase in hospital admissions.

During May and June infection indicators had shown a downward trend, however same began to increase again at towards the end of June, possibly due to overseas travel; as a similar trend is also occurring in the UK.

The number of patients in ICU, with Covid-19 infection did increase slightly during the month of July, but remained relatively low. Currently this month saw ten patients in ICU’s, compared to three patients one month earlier, at the start of July.

St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny has acknowledged that it is dealing with an outbreak of Covid-19 infections resulting in the suspension of visitors, except for their maternity unit and in other exceptional circumstances.
St Luke’s Hospital has stated that there are a number of Covid and non-Covid patients presenting to its emergency department and while all urgent care cases should still attend the hospital, it did urge people to consider other options, if possible, before coming to their emergency department.

Several outbreaks are also being managed on inpatient wards at University Hospital Limerick.

Earlier this week, University Hospital Galway said it was also dealing with a Covid-19 outbreak, with 39 Covid patients in the hospital; thus leaving five wards affected. Visiting restrictions are fully in place in areas of the hospital affected by these outbreaks.


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