Wellingtons Necessary When Traversing Newly Upgraded €650,000 Bowes Corner.

So who will take responsibility for the ‘Bowes Corner Cock Up’ or will Thurles taxpayers continue to fund constant failures by engineers and consultants.

Completed €650,000 Bowes Corner project floods.

It rained again here in Thurles Co. Tipperary today. Drains as usual remained blocked on Cathedral Street, Friar Street and Stradavoher, leading to extensive flooding for a time.

Bowes Corner Cock Up.

But perhaps the most unexpected flooding was on the newly revamped Bowes Corner, situated west on Friar Street in the town.
Funding of some €500,000 of taxpayers money was initially provided to complete this work. However, later we were informed that the above stated figure of €500,000 was granted a further top up of some €150,000, as the fully completed work had to be partially uprooted and further realigned.

Today, after one shower of rain, it would appear that the newly constructed pavement drainage system is totally blocked, forcing the nearby restaurant to place sandbags at both of its street entrances.

Time for Thurles people to examine the staff we employ within the Thurles Municipal District Council.


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