Visiting Restrictions Introduced At Nenagh Hospital, Due To Resurgence Of Covid-19.

Visiting restrictions have once more been introduced at Nenagh Hospital, Nenagh, North Co. Tipperary, following a new outbreak of Covid-19.

The UL Hospitals Group latter made up of 6 hospital sites in the Midwest; have stated that they regret the inconvenience which this restriction will cause to inpatients and visiting loved ones, but same restrictions are indeed necessary to protect the health and safety of both patients and staff while keeping essential healthcare services open for patients.

Exceptions to the restrictions will be made on certain compassionate grounds i.e. patients critically ill or at end-of-life, and patients with dementia.

All appropriate infection control precautions, we are informed, are being followed to control the further spreading COVID-19 infection amongst the immediate and wider Nenagh community.

News of an increase of Covid cases in Thurles has also been confirmed, per local Knowledge.

Back in China, some three months past, same country experienced an unprecedented surge in cases that fuelling global concern over a newer Covid variant.

Leaked details from an internal NHC medical network meeting suggested that as many as 250 million people in China had been infected in early December, including 37 million persons in just a single day.
Same news saw the response of countries, latter who clamped down restricting entry from Chinese travellers.
Professor Daniel Lucey at the US Dartmouth Geisel Medical School of Medicine, has warned that the medical community should be on the lookout for what could become Pi, Rho or Sigma — a variant that’s potentially more immune-evasive and more virulent than current Covid strains.

Note: All Supermarket outlets, and Thurles Shopping centre, with the exception of Lidl Thurles, daily maintain the presence of hand sanitiser, despite some complaints made to Lidl’s head office’s Customer Care Service at Tel. No. 01 9203010; latter which failed to fully rectify the situation.

Best to hold on to those face masks, well for the time being at least.


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