Poor Planning As Tipperary Co. Co. Continue To Waste Taxpayers Money.

Efforts by Tipperary Co. Council engineers, same intended to slow traffic, while increasing pedestrian safety in Thurles, are proving costly for local taxpayers.

Photographs hereunder, taken today, show lights on two busy pedestrian crossings, situated on Parnell Street (comprising an area of the N62 & R498), totally eradicated; one outside Thurles Credit Union offices and the other just below the main entrance to Semple Stadium, at the busy junction of Bohernanave.

The directional signage for the village of has also been adjusted. Same image can be viewed on Slievenamon Road (N62) at the junction with Thomond Road and Fianna Road.

Of course all of this destruction is being caused by high sided vehicles forced to mount footpaths, while attempting to pass each other on strips of roadway not fit for purpose. All of these issues are being caused by poor, below standard, planning within Tipperary Co. Council’s engineering department.

Further evidence of this poor engineering ability can be viewed HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE etc. etc.

We wonder are road engineers graduating too soon from colleges, with little or no real project work being undertaken? Perhaps the problem is more the fact that lecturers engaged in giving such training, themselves lack on-the-job experience.

Thurles residents have in the past watched the money being wasted at the N62 junction, opposite Lidl on Slievenamon Road in the town, where road adjustments were required on no less than 3 different occasions, at massive cost to the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, 25 years later, after Thurles Council’s first submission for a town road bypass; local, elected representatives have failed dismally to obtain funding for a bypass for Thurles town, and now we hear same issue may be included as part of the 2040 National Development Plan.

With two elected TD’s living in the town, (one of whom, Fianna Fáil’s Mr Jackie Cahill, latter who claims to have “the ear of Micheál Martin”), now twenty five years later, Thurles is viewed as the “poor relation” of other towns in the county; as continued waste of taxpayer’s money, by Tipperary Co. Council, continues unabated, while our Local Property Taxes (LPT) increase.


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