Thurles Smart Lighting System Not All That Smart.

Back in September of 2021 we learned through Fianna Fáil Cllr. Mr Seamus Hanafin, (Cathaoirleach Thurles Municipal District council) that Thurles had been named as one of the areas chosen as a pilot for a ‘Smart Lighting Project’.

Thurles Street Lighting

We were informed that over half a million Euro would be spent on these smart lights (40% of the overall cost) in Co. Tipperary and the aim following this expensive spend was to increase energy efficiency, thus saving money over the long term.

Tipperary County Council Engineers stated that they were convinced that by installing these lights, they would save about 60% of current energy usage; savings probably in the order of about €40,000 a year, to our public purse.

Did the EU sell Tipperary Co. Council a “pig in a poke?

Well it now seems that these ‘Smart Lights’, here in Thurles at least, aren’t all that smart after all, and same now remain lighting day and night, without someone with the qualifications to turn the switch off.

So far, over the past at least 12 weeks, we have noted that between Thomond Road and Cathedral Street, travelling via the town park, some 15 of these street lights continue to burn the full 24 hours of each and every day.

Public lighting in Tipperary, before the recent 20% increase in energy costs, represented 38% of the council’s entire energy usage.
Now ask yourself, are you the public still happy to leave the public purse strings untied, as Tipperary Co. Council continues to waste our money, through their abysmal, substandard, administration?


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