Average Speed Safety Cameras Go Live In Tipp Today.

Motorway Average Speed Safety Cameras, are due to go live on a stretch of road on the M7 this morning, Monday, April 25th, from 7:00am.

The system is expected to be in place on the M7 in Tipperary, betwixt Junction 26 (Nenagh West) and Junction 27 (Birdhill), and in both directions, tracking traffic travelling eastbound and westbound on a stretch of road, which in the past has been the subject of sudden changes in weather.

These cameras will record vehicles at two distinct points, a set distance apart, and will identify the exact time a vehicle passes each of the cameras. This operation will allow Gardaí to accurately calculate the speed of the vehicle’s forward progression.

Note: Vehicles detected driving in excess of the 120km/h motorway speed limit will be subject to prosecution from 07:00hrs today, Monday, April 25th.

The current ‘Fixed Charge Notice’ for speeding is currently an €80 fine accompanied by three penalty points, noted on your driving licence.


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