Wanted Woman Dolores Cahill On Run From Gardaí.

Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist; former University College Dublin (UCD) professor and unsuccessful Co. Tipperary election candidate, Ms Dolores Cahill, has revealed to a misguided following that she remains hidden in a remote location, following a warrant having been already issued by a Dublin court, for her immediate arrest.

Dolores Cahill, a former member of the minor right-wing, hard Eurosceptic political party in Ireland, which call, themselves, ‘The Irish Freedom Party’, was one of 11 candidates to contest the 2020 Irish General Election, held on Saturday February 8th, 2020, with none of their candidates being successfully elected.

Dolores Cahill, claiming to represent Co. Tipperary, came second-last in the Tipperary constituency, with only a miserable 521 first preference votes. Following her election failure her agents ceased to function, in the removal of her election posters here in Thurles, for almost one year.

The former UCD professor has now admitted that she is actively travelling around Ireland in an attempt not to get arrested and is keeping a low profile for fear of going to prison.

In December 2021 Meta, latter now Facebook’s parent company, removed Dolores Cahill social media page, as part of their crackdown on Covid-19 misinformation on its platform.

Previously, Gardaí had investigating whether Ms Cahill was involved in a group which encouraged a severely ill Covid patient to leave a Co Donegal hospital. Mr Joe McCarron sadly died after being re-admitted to hospital several days later.

A bench warrant for Ms Cahill was issued on January 25th last after the aforementioned failed to appear before a Dublin court on the previous day. Her failed appearance concerned an incident at Dublin Airport on September 6th, 2020, where she was accused of failing to adhere to guidelines and other shortcomings, when asked to comply with the directions of members of An Garda Síochána.


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