Death Of “The Irish R.M.” Star Peter Bowles.

Actor Peter Bowles in the role of
Major Sinclair Yeates
, in “The Irish R.M.” [1983–1985]

Star of “The Irish R.M.”, and author Mr Peter Bowles has sadly died from cancer, yesterday March 16th, at the age of 85 years.
The actor whose career began with RADA at the Old Vic is survived by wife of some 60 years Sue, together with his three children Guy, Adam and Sasha.

The well-known and much loved charismatic actor of stage and screen will possibly be best remembered, playing the character of ‘Mr Richard DeVere’, starring opposite Penelope Keith as ‘Ms Margo Leadbetter’, in the smash-hit sitcom, “To The Manor Born”, which saw audiences of some 20 million viewers during its twenty-one episodes.

Starting his career at the Old Vic Theatre in 1956, he starred in 45 theatrical productions retiring at the age of 81 in “The Exorcist” at the Phoenix Theatre, having worked consistently on stage and screen, as the typical English gent, wearing a trademark moustache, in the British sitcoms including, “Only When I Laugh”, “The Bounder” and the TV drama “Lytton’s Diary”, which he devised himself.

From 1958 – 2021, Mr Bowles starred in some 42 films and well over 100 Television series, as well as receiving awards & honours including: – RADA Scholarship (1954); Madge Kendal Prize (1955); ITV Personality of the Year (1983); Male Comedy Star Award (1983); The Golden Gate Award (San Francisco International Film Festival, 1993) and an Hon. Doctor of Letters (Nottingham Trent University, 2002).

His book titles include the autobiography: “Ask Me if I’m Happy” and “Behind the Curtain: The Job of Acting”.

In ár gcroíthe go deo.


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