Killer Covid-19 Cases Reach 25,144 On Irish Mainland Within Past 24 Hours.

The Department of Health has confirmed a further 21,384 new cases of Covid-19, here in the Republic of Ireland, within the past 24 hours, same figure down from its record high yesterday of 26,122.
However it is reckoned that same confirmed cases are far more than this figure reported.

There are 984 people this morning in hospital, with the virus; up 67 cases since yesterday, and of these 83 are in intensive care units across the country; same figure unchanged since yesterday.

In the Republic also, as of yesterday, a total of 2,382,753 booster vaccines have been administered.

Yesterday, pharmacies in the Irish Republic urged customers to order their medicines in advance due to a large number of staff absences.

Northern Ireland‘s Department of Health, have confirmed a further 3,760 coronavirus cases today, up from the 3,458 cases reported yesterday.
Sadly. they have also reported 2 more Covid-19 related deaths, also today.

In the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, nearly 14 million people have been instructed to stay at home, while it begins to conducts mass Covid testing after a spate of recent cases.

The Delta variant of the virus appears to be swiftly fading, with the arrival of the Omicron variant in December, possibly having contributed to this turning point. However, while there have been some new variants identified since, same have not gained any feared momentum.

Nevertheless, the world recorded more than two million daily coronavirus cases on average between January 1st and January 7th, with figures since at least doubling.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), this afternoon, reports total infected cases worldwide at 305,328,808, with deaths, sadly, at 5,486,004 and rising.

It was never more important that everyone now continue to support our schools, businesses, immediate family and friends and to keep to the spirit of public health advice.


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