Covid-19 Cases Reach 6,448 On Island Of Ireland Today.

The Department of Health has confirmed 4,642 new cases of Covid-19 virus, in the past 24 hours, here in the Irish Republic.

There are currently 556 virus patients in our hospitals, up 7 on yesterday’s reported figures.
Of those in our hospitals with the virus, 107 people are in intensive care units (ICU); an increase of 11 on yesterday.

HSE Chief Executive Paul Reid said an immediate reduction in high-risk activities is now needed in order to slow the spread of Covid-19, while the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan, reiterated his call for everyone to reduce significantly their social interaction.
Dr Holohan has confirmed that the current level of transmission in Ireland, currently, is one of the highest over the entire course of this pandemic, showing we have had 40,000 virus cases in the past 14 days; same up over 40% on the previous two weeks.

Hayes Hotel, situated in Liberty Square, Thurles, has unfortunately had to close for the weekend, due to a number of their staff testing positive for Covid-19.

It was extremely disappointing to note yesterday, (whoever is writing this rubbish for him), that Tipperary TD Mr Michael Lowry welcomed, (on his Facebook page), the use of Rapid Antigen testing, almost suggesting same as a solution to this pandemic. While Antigen Testing may, in some cases only, identify the Covid-19 virus, it is in no way a cure for our present serious increasing difficulties.
It should be remembered that it was Mr Lowry and his other unqualified (science-wise) Tipperary politician colleagues (including M. McGrath and J. Cahill), who first had their unmasked faces photographed in Mullinahone, Thurles, putting pressure on the government they supposedly support, to open the hospitality sector; latter decision which is now partially responsible for our deathly woes.

In Northern Ireland a further 1,806 cases of coronavirus were reported on today, up from 1,087 on yesterday.

Also, today, sadly, 3 Covid-19-related deaths have been reported in Northern Ireland.

Please do continue to keep yourself and your family safe by regularly washing your hands; wearing a mask when appropriate and please do cut down on your direct social contacts.


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