New Pavement On Liberty Square Ripped Up Again.

For anyone out partaking of their daily coffee at ‘Deja Brew‘ on Liberty Square, in Thurles today, same most likely experienced a bit of ‘déjà vu’.

Déjà vu, as everyone knows, is that uncanny sensation that you’ve already experienced something that you actually never have.

Unfortunately, and I am not trying to confuse the local populace, in this case you already have, having suffered the digging up, over the past two years, of pavements on Liberty Square.

Now for the second time in less than two months, they are ripping newly installed footpaths up again.

We don’t really know why, but rumour suggests that they have discovered what was causing the dreadful smell of sewage, which was suffocating shoppers to the area.

Rumour, and we emphasize the word rumour, states that a pipe has collapsed and hence the renewed necessary exertions, which sees completed stone work ripped up after just a few weeks of completion.

Same might also explain why Drain Force vehicles have been reported at work in the Liberty Square area in recent weeks.

But sure, as Torquay builder Mr O’Reilly (Actor David Kelly) said to Mr Basil Fawlty (Actor John Cleese) in Faulty Towers “If the good Lord ment us to worry he would have given us things to worry about.”


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